Be mindful

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Ever tried to stop thinking? To block those pesky thoughts about bills to pay, texts to return or what’s on the menu for dinner tonight? It’s pretty impossible isn’t it? That’s why this week we’ve been on the hunt for ways to calm our over-active minds, to be in the moment and achieve a sense of calm. Even for a minute or two. In our search we came across these four simple steps from Indian spiritual leader, Swami Nithyananda. We hope they resonate as much as they did for us.

  1. Say what you mean, mean what you say

Instead of making up excuses to avoid situations – you know the ones, the events you’re invited to by a friend that you don’t want to attend, or the coffee date with a far flung family friend you regret agreeing to as you are setting the date. Instead of making up an excuse, be truthful. Be authentic and compassionate, but be honest and the stress will melt away.

  1. Don’t say to anyone unless you can say to everyone

Basically, don’t gossip! Make a commitment to yourself that you won’t say anything to one person that you wouldn’t happily tweet to the world.

  1. Don’t say inside, what you cannot say outside

Whatever thought or inner chatter you have inside your head that you can’t say out loud to someone isn’t worth entertaining. Whether it’s self-criticism or negative thoughts about others. Stop them in their tracks. They are of no use to anyone.

  1. Don’t say unless it is true, useful or kind

Be conscious of what you say and only say it if any of the following is true:

  • True to me? An authentic statement from my heart?
  • Useful or helpful to someone or some situation?
  • Kind or compassionate? Such as a compliment, or an offer of help?

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