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Elle’s Alkaline Journey

Today we are bombarded with an endless stream of toxins – from endocrine disrupting chemicals and exhaust fumes to pesticides and heavy metals. The result? “Our bodies have to work overtime – all the time – to function at an optimal level, not just when we’ve over-indulged explains Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD, Harley  Street Nutritional expert who has spent the past 16 years treating a variety of conditions, including obesity, accellerated ageing of the cells, hormone imbalances, depression and disease prevention.

Dr. Laubscher’s patients have experienced dramatic and lasting improvements thanks to following an alkaline way of eating – most notably Elle Macpherson. The model turned mogul and mother of two sat down with Dr. Laubscher and confessed that her diet and lifestyle was no longer working. She cried. ‘I was out of balance, I was tired, my skin was so dry, I wasn’t sleeping, I was gaining weight and craving sugar – which had never been a problem for me,’ says Macpherson. 

After just weeks on an alkaline diet – and swapping a multitude of supplements for one supergreens powder – she noticed a dramatic shift: ‘I had more vitality, my skin felt nourished, I stopped craving sugar, my mood stabilized, everything became more balanced . A welcome by-product was losing weight around my middle,’ says Macpherson, who celebrated her 50th birthday last year – with her knockout figure intact.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 13.18.52

Liquid diets, strict regimes and colonics may promise a quick
fix for the January hangover, but are they the best solution?

Dr. Simone Laubscher suggests a more realistic alternative this
New Year, with super greens.

How it works

We know that in order for the body to be healthy, it needs to have the correct acid-alkaline ratio. The ideal range is between 7.35 – 7.45 and, although the body naturally adjusts to achieve this balance, our increasingly high acid diets – coupled with pollution and stress – puts pressure on the body to work harder to get the same result.

‘If you’re getting aching joints, gaining weight, craving carbs or sugar or you’re tired and have brain fog then you’re running too acidic,’ says Laubscher. ‘I always do saliva and urine tests for patients – using pH strips – and I find a lot of patients have high tissue acidity which equates to toxicity.’ Our modern diets are largely to blame, according to Dr. Stephan Domenig, medical director of the Original F.X. Mayr Health Centre and author of The Alkaline Cure: ‘Many people start the day with coffee followed by toast and jam, cake for morning tea, then meat and a tiny amount of veg for dinner – all of these things are acid forming.’

So what are the benefits of going alkaline? It slows down signs of ageing, stabilises energy levels, reduces allergies, defends against disease and encourages weight loss. According to Domenig: ‘Your clearer digestive system and efficient metabolism will lead to weight loss as you eliminate the toxic load you have been carrying’.

No wonder alkaline is the latest buzz-word among the A-list, with converts including Victoria Beckham, Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow. But Laubscher insists it’s not a fad: ‘A fad is where you totally remove a food group, what we’re suggesting is an 80/20 balance. There is now a simple and convenient solution to turn your health around with 2 teaspoons of Dr Laubsher’s alkalising greens formula THE SUPER ELIXIR™ daily.

Why it works

The alkaline lifestyle is both ‘do-able’ (one simple alkalising supplement) and palatable – there are no gag-inducing olive oil purges and Epsom salts, nor the headaches, mood swings and fatigue that attend them. Rather, the idea behind the alkaline way of eating is to ‘crowd out’ the diet with nourishing, alkaline forming foods like kale, sprouts, spinach, quinoa, almonds, avocado and coconut oil. As the body adjusts to this new way of eating, cravings for acid-forming foods like sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and coffee naturally diminish. But that doesn’t mean acidic foods are totally off the menu. For Macpherson, the diet means having one espresso instead of three, eating only one animal protein meal (typically fish or chicken) a day, increasing her vegetable intake and still enjoying dark chocolate, coffee, goat’s cheese and Haloumi and every day two teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR™ alkalising greens (Dr Simone’s special blend of balanced nutrients). ‘Nothing too extreme – it’s all about balance,’ she says.

We know that a plant based diet of greens can help achieve balance, but THE SUPER ELIXIR™ goes beyond just greens. It is a specialised formula with a combination of absorbable nutrients in effective doses that can assist your pH balance and bring about a feeling of real change towards optimum wellness and body function.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 13.22.34

Fact or Fiction?

Whether it’s possible to alter the body’s pH through diet is still hotly contended in the medical world. Critics argue that the body’s pH fluctuates naturally throughout the day making it difficult to discern whether diet has an impact. However research from Dr. Joseph Pizzorno (appointed to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy) provides compelling evidence that diet does affect pH: ‘Dr. Pizzorno found that when you collect a patient’s urine and look at the entire output over 24 hours, you are able to prove that, over time, eating a diet that has less junk, sugar and refined carbohydrates leads to you becoming more alkaline.’ Pizzorno’s latest paper, published in 2009 in the British Journal of Nutrition, makes a convincing case that diet induced ‘acidosis’ (being overly acidic) is a very real phenomenon with serious consequences.

The Alkaline Glow

Then there are the beauty benefits. In 2011, scientists from Nottingham University found that eating your five a day makes your more attractive, by subtly altering your skin tone. But none of this is news to Macpherson and Laubscher – they saw the results for themselves – and it’s another reason they decided to launch their food based alkalising supplement, THE SUPER ELIXIR™ in the beauty category: ‘You only get so far when you try and appeal to people’s sense of nutrition, but if you appeal to people’s vanity and say ‘the by-product is you look great’ suddenly there is interest,’ says Macpherson. ‘And we really do believe the byproduct of wellness is beauty.’

Shake up your breakfast routine in 2015
Addictive Alkalising Smoothie Bowl

1 Green apple
5 Large celery stalks
1 Cucumber
5 Kale stalks
1 Handful parsley
1 Frozen banana
Lemon juice
Top with mango or seasonal fruit

Blend this alkaline creation in a high powered blender until smooth!


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