Travel with good health this holiday season – on us!
All this week we will be gifting THE 
SUPER ELIXIR™ Travel Set with every order of
300g with Caddy, 300g Pouch, The Ultimate Starter Set or The Season Supply.

One per customer, while stocks last. Terms and conditions below*.


Feeling over indulged?
Survive the season with THE SUPER ELIXIR™


What’s in THE SUPER ELIXIR™ and how does it kick in to strengthen cells and remove toxins?

There are 45 organic, wholefood ingredients, designed to support all 11 systems of your body. Of the magic 45, here are three and why they are important at this time of the year.
Supergreens. Our unique blend of these nutritional powerhouses balances acidity and the alkalinity in your blood. When that balance is achieved, your skin holds moisture and your cells function properly, giving you that radiant glow.
Dandelion. Promotes healthy liver and digestive function, reducing toxins in the body that would otherwise cause damage damage and encouraging good digestive function. It also preventing breakouts that can develop on your jawline.
Aloe Vera. This is a wonderful overall tonic for the body, from digestive to kidney support. The skin is often called ‘the third kidney’, so by taking care of the kidneys, you’ll also keep your skin clear and limit dark under-eye circles.
It is very important that these nutrients come from natural wholefoods so your body recognises them and puts them to use.

*A free Travel Set will be included in every order excluding individual Hydrator Bottle and Travel Set (valued at AUD$29, USD$27, GBP19 contains 7 x 10g serves of THE SUPER ELIXIR™) sales at welleco.com from December 4, 2014, 4pm AWST through December 11, 2014, 11:59pm AWST. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any other offer. Limit one promotional offers per order. Terms of offer are subject to change. The Travel Set will not appear in your Shopping Cart but we will ensure it arrives with your order.

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