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When it comes to aging I believe that it doesn’t matter how much cream you slap on your skin unless your body is nourished from the inside, you will never look and feel your best. The human body is made up of approximately 100 trillion cells and unless good nutrition is able to move into the cells and toxins removed out of the cells, aging will be accelerated.

Nobody wants to accelerate the ageing process so I feel the key is to do more good things to your body than toxic things and find your unique healthy balance. When I refer to anti-aging I refer to abundant health, disease prevention and looking and feeling amazing, so you can run hard in life and not grow weary! Having less wrinkles is a wonderful side effect of internal anti-aging too I might add.

“It is not about being a purest and having no fun but finding your balance and to keep emptying your ‘toxic cup’.”

– Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD

Anti-aging can be achieved by being proactive with your daily flow of goodness in and junk out of your cells. It is not about being a purest and having no fun but finding your balance and to keep emptying your ‘toxic cup’. A great way to support this balance is to live a life that supports more of an alkaline environment. Almost everything we do, other than eating fruits and vegetables, makes us acidic. So instead of giving up all the things you love balance out your life with a few anti-aging fast tracks.

Let’s face it you wouldn’t let rubbish pile up inside your home each week, so why do we let toxic rubbish pile up in our bodies over years!


TIP 1. Take an organic wholefood super greens powder like THE SUPER ELIXIR which not only alkalises you but supports all 11 systems of your body.

Tip 2. Support the body’s elimination process by taking extra fibre daily  through pysllium husks, flax or chia seeds. Colonics and home enemas are also useful detox tools.

TIP 3. Limit caffeinated drinks to one per day.

Tip 4. Keep ‘junk’ foods that are sugary, fatty and fried limited to once a week.

Tip 5. Eat more plant based foods and less animal based foods, for example incorporating ‘Meat-Free Mondays’ into your diet.

Tip 6. Do a one week detox every 3 months – many people spring clean their homes but forget to spring clean their bodies.

Tip 7. Work up a sweat to support the body’s natural detox and regularly take saunas each week – your skin will thank you).

Tip 8. Limit alcohol and try to keep your week days dry.

Tip 9. Learn to breathe, exhale, chill out and shake off stress. This is a choice we need to make each day.

TIP 10. Drink at least two liters of water every day.


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